I love interacting with you all. One of the best parts of my job is talking to you after I teach and hearing what you think and feel about what we just experienced together.
But maybe we weren’t able to talk after you saw me teach. Or maybe there is something that you wanted to add when we spoke. Or maybe you just want to let me know what you thought. I’d love to hear from you and this page is a simple place for that.
Please leave me a note in the comments section below.
And remember this is a place of love, support, and respect.


YOUR PRIVATE MIDNIGHT brings the dawn. We thank you, our dear friend! <3
– Linda S. Kulp (via Facebook)

POSTED: 06/12/14 1:44 PM

You always help give a voice to the voiceless. I admire that. I still remember AIDS: The Musical when I was a teen (over 15 yrs ago). I also did my college essay about you. You are my inspiration. I am enough :)
– Rebecca Paka Rothstein (via Facebook)

POSTED: 06/12/14 1:25 PM

Hi Scott!!! So glad you came to Montreal and spoke at the school where I worked. What you were saying to the kids was exactly what I needed to hear when I was a teenager yet I was hearing it 30+ years later… But I heard it – every word – and meeting you has changed my life… thanks again so much for the work that you do and for making us believe that WE ARE ENOUGH!!! Huggzzz DDK

POSTED: 05/16/14 11:29 AM